Pressure Regulator

To avoid overcharging, and to keep the charging pressure at a constant level, it is important to use a Pressure Regulator when charging gas springs.

Due to different gas bottle connections for nitrogen cylinders worldwide, a Pressure Regulator with the right adaptor must be chosen. As different countries have different bottle connections, make sure you select the correct connection code according to the table below.

If the right thread cannot be defined, you can order a Pressure Regulator without a connection adaptor. In this case, the right connection adaptor must of course be fitted at the ¼ NPT thread before use. Order No. 1028343-000

Order No.

Order No.

Order No. Connection thread Standard
1028343-000 Pressure Regulator  Without adaptor
1028343-001 W24.32 x 1/14" RH DIN 477 No. 10
1028343-002 G 5/8 BS 341 No. 3
1028343-003 G 5/8 ISO 228 (China)
1028343-004 SI 21.7 x 1.814 AFNOR NF C
1028343-005 1.040” – 14 NGO CGA 680
1028343-006 W 21.7 x 1/14" UNI 4409