KALLER Worldwide Guarantee

Strömsholmen AB, which develops, manufactures and markets KALLER gas springs, guarantees that each gas spring manufactured by Strömsholmen AB is free of defects in materials and workmanship.

The KALLER Worldwide Guarantee applies to gas springs used for 2,000,000 strokes from 0 mm to 80 mm per stroke or 1,000,000 strokes above 80 mm per stroke* or two years from the date of purchase, whichever occurs first. The KALLER Worldwide Guarantee only applies to gas springs used in accordance with the KALLER gas springs installation and usage guidelines. Strömsholmen AB’s liability is limited solely to the authorized repair or replacement of any gas spring that is returned to Strömsholmen AB and is reasonably determined by Strömsholmen AB to be found defective. See KALLER Limited Warranty details below.

*Exceptions include gas springs with initial force less than 5 kN, MT and Controllable gas springs which are guaranteed for a maximum of 500,000 strokes or 50,000 stroke meters, whichever occurs first.



KALLER Limited Warranty

The warranties contained herein supersede all other warranties, expressed or implied, including those concerning the merchantability or suitability for a specific use or performance of the gas spring including its components.

The warranty period for replacement and or repaired gas springs shall not exceed the warranty period of the original defective gas spring. The warranty does not apply to any gas spring which has been damaged or misused or repaired by anyone other than KALLER or its authorized representatives, or to any gas spring that has been altered by anyone other than KALLER or its authorized representatives.

The customer shall notify KALLER of all information pertaining to the defective gas spring including but not limited to serial number and date of installation so that KALLER may determine the number of strokes incurred by the gas spring alleged to be defective. The customer shall be responsible for freight charges incurred in connection with the repair and/or replacement of any gas spring found to be defective.

KALLER is not liable for injury, property damage, or other loss related to the inability to use the gas spring or failure of the gas spring, nor is KALLER liable for any costs incurred relating to the removal and/or replacement of the gas spring. In no event is KALLER’s liability to exceed the selling price of the gas spring. This warranty is void with respect to any gas spring damaged as a result of misuse, alteration, accident or neglect; failure to follow operating, maintenance and environmental instructions; repair by anyone other than KALLER, its authorized representatives or trained service technicians acting in accordance with KALLER’s service instructions and using components and supplies specified by KALLER.

KALLER Worldwide Guarantee