Business operating policy

The aim of Strömsholmen’s operations is to develop and produce gas springs and other closely related products at a good level of profitability, primarily for the sheet metal working industry and special areas for machines and vehicles – always applying the following motto:

Reliability and Safety
Activities shall be managed, and constantly improved, so as to ensure a good working environment and to minimize the negative impact on the surrounding environment.

The products must:

  • Have a high level of reliability and fulfil our customers’ requirements, needs and expectations.
  • Fulfil the market’s legal requirements.
  • Be delivered on time and in the right way. Efforts shall be made to constantly reduce the time from order to delivery to the end customer.

In development, production and transport of the products we must ensure that:

  • We comply with applicable environmental and work environment legislation.
  • The environmental impact of the product and production is minimized by selecting processes with as little impact on the environment as possible.
  • Transport of products being processed and finished products causes as little negative environmental impact as possible.
  • A good fire protection will be maintained in accordance with the company’s continuous systematic fire protection system.

To ensure a good working environment:

  • In addition to a safe working environment, staff should also be offered training/information relating to risk of fires, accidents and methods for avoiding/minimizing such risks.
  • The premises are to be designed with safety as a priority and to promote wellbeing, thus facilitating a good level of safety and job satisfaction for our staff.
  • The working environment issue is to be given high priority among all staff.

 Strömsholmen AB

Will Opie
Managing Director

Business operating policy