KALLER Die Follow Up Service

We have recognized the concern for counterfeit products used in production of outsourced tools, as the counterfeits cause a significant safety risk for concerned personnel. To fight this, we have launched the Die Follow Up Service - a free die checkup for all our customers.

Let us validate your gas springs

Book the service to get a free inspection of your dies from a certified KALLER technician. We will verify that you're equipped with original KALLER gas springs, to make sure you maintain a safe work environment and a functional production line without any costly issues.


What we need from you

  1. Name and contact information of the die builder (e-mail, phone number, and address)
  2. Information about the die (program number, number of dies, etc.)
  3. Time plan (suitable date for inspection and date for shipping)

How to book the service

Email your local KALLER salesman or customer service with the information above, and they will schedule the Follow Up Service and send you confirmation of your booking. Once finishing the inspection, you will receive a signed Die Follow Up Service inspection report.

Welcome to KALLER – The Safer Choice.

For further assistance, please contact: show email address


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