Controllable Gas Springs in White Appliance Production

With the high demand in detailed stamping when producing parts for white appliance products, the stamping process has to be just as complex. For this well-known manufacturer of electrical home appliances in China, we were able to support in the making of the metal mesh that goes into microwave doors. The metal mesh is vital for the purpose of preventing electromagnetic leakage. Out of all door parts, this metal mesh is important for the safety of the microwave user.

The processes of producing the metal mesh plate

When producing microwave metal mesh, we start with a flat meshed metal plate. By going through each process, the flat meshed metal plate will turn into the shape that is put into the microwave door. When stamping the meshed metal plate, a delayed return unit is needed for the first return stroke to avoid any damages to the plate.

The stamping process in cronological order:

1. Drawing
2. Side drawing
3. Cutting and piercing
4. Cutting and piercing again
5. Flanging
6. Trimming

The Tool building Project

The project itself had a span of 5 months from Product introduction at the customer site to the final product that has now produced over 1.7 million pieces.

It all started with the customer contacting the KALLER team and set up an appointment to go through the prooducts available and what issue they had to be solved. When the goal was set for what the tool will be used for, the design process starts. When designing tools, it is important to try making the tool as optimized as possible to save the customer both time and expenses.

After having the tool designed, the trial period starts. At this point it is important to make sure that the product and tool meets the customer expectations.

When the trial period is ended and the customers was pleased with the outcome, the tool was put into production.


KALLER Illustration process.png


The stamping processes from plate to product

For the metal mesh plate to become the final product, the stamping process is divided into 2 steps. The stamping has to be well performed since the demand on detailed and precise finish as well as the function of the final product is of high importance for the end use.

Choosing KALLER KF2 products, the quality of the stamping is on a level of it’s own. By using KF2, the end result will be as expected and brings a higher feeling of quality in the final product. In the images below, take notice of the result in the edges of the stamped metal plate.


Step 1 Results:

With KF system - KALLER case study.png

With KF2 System

Without KF system - KALLER case study.png

Without KF2 System

Step 2 Results:

Process 2 compare with KF.png

With KF2 Products

Process 2 compare without KF.png

Without KF2 Products

The steps connected in the process

The steps in the stamping process is optimized to be as time efficient and cost effective as possible. With the metal mesh plate being stamped in one single process without having to move the plate is reducing the risk for the coworkers handling the tool and production. The process can be seen below in the video, separate and in one take.

Process Step 1

Process Step 2

Process Step 1 and Step 2

KF2 gas springs resulting in success

By choosing KF2 gas springs for this die projects was what gave the result that was expected. With the ability to make the stamping process more precise, the result will be exactly that; precise. The KALLER KF2 gas springs is what the customer needed, and so far the tool has produced over 1.7 million pieces, which shows great result.

By choosing Controllable Gas Springs, the process of stamping has the opportunity to be much more precise since you have the option of having several steps in your stamping tool instead of just one press motion. Controllable gas springs has the ability to be controlled regarding timing by staying locked in their bottom position until the return stroke is appropriate.



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