Our Goals in Sustainability

Our Goals in Sustainability

Gas Springs for a more Sustainable Future


As a leader in nitrogen gas spring cylinders, we strive to reduce our environmental impact for a more sustainable future and have set environmental goals for 2025 in three main areas: energy, water, and waste.

We are Dedicated to Reducing our Impact

At KALLER, we believe in the ethical responsibility to take precautionary measures to protect the environment and are committed to reducing our impact. Based on scientific evidence indicating risk to our environment, we believe action is necessary. KALLER and its employees are dedicated to doing their part to reduce waste and protect the planet.

When you choose KALLER, you get high-quality Gas Springs and our commitment and efforts for a more sustainable future. 

We are committed to making environmentally conscious decisions and actions to help reduce our impact and provide a more sustainable world. Since 2019, we have taken actions to reduce our impact on the environment and are almost to our goals.


Our Goals



15% reduction by 2025 in scope 1 & 2 emissions



20% reduction in water usage by 2025



15% reduction in process waste by 2025


Our Latest Efforts 

  • Installed central cooling liquid equipment 
  • Installed evaporator 
  • Reduced cooling oil as waste by 95%
  • Reduced transportation of used cooling oil waste by 90%
  • Recycling of all steel (metal chips and parts from production process)
  • Recycling used Gas Springs (Contact Us on how to safely recycle Gas Springs)
  • Installed sorting and recycling stations for various recyclable materials
  • We reuse all our process water from washing machines
  • We have reached our Waste Reduction goal and are currentlly at at 20% reduction since 2019!



Want to recycle your Gas Springs?

We can help you to Safely recycle your used Gas Springs.  Contact us to Learn More >>





Central Cooling Liquid Equipment

Our goal for installing this was to reduce the usage of cooling liquid and water as well as improve the safety of the work environment by reducing contact with the cooling liquid. This eliminated disposal and transportation of 70,000 liters of coolant liquid per year!




Do you want to help?

When you choose to buy KALLER you can choose various shipping options- the most sustainabile method of shipping is by boat.




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