Increase Stamping Speed: White Goods & Appliances


It was a pleasure to see one of our customers increase production speed over 300% by upgrading their White Good Appliances press dies with KALLER Gas Springs.

Their die replaced a hydraulics power system with standard Controllable Gas Springs and saw an increase in production speed from 20 seconds per piece to 4 seconds per piece.

The hydraulic system was not only slow at stamping but also caused unnecessary downtime due to often requiring maintenance. This made stamping even slower and more expensive from the various maintenance costs.

In addition to speeding up the stamping process, an extra advantage to KALLER Gas Springs is that they are more environmentally friendly than hydraulics & can't contaminate the pressed part with hydraulic fluid.




Needless to say, our customer was satisfied with the results of the Controllable Gas Springs (KF2), by increasing speeds with less downtime- without affecting part quality.


KALLER Products that help Optimize White Goods & Appliance Stamping:


Controllable Gas Springs (KF2)

  • Locking function for double stage drawing or deep drawing forming
  • Can combine two forming operations into one tool, reducing the number of dies needed
  • Easy to adjust force & easy to maintain
  • Doesn't require maintenance as often as hydraulics



Wide Range of Gas Springs

  • Incorporates high-quality Safety Features to protect your workers, environment, & tool
  • Able to create higher force in less space
  • Easy to adjust the force by increasing or decreasing amount of nitrogen gas in the spring
  • Long service life


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