Optimize Drill Head Performance & Uptime with KALLER Gas Springs


To meet the harsh and demanding conditions of mining & drilling, KALLER® Off-the-Shelf Replacement Gas Springs that provide reliable and industry leading force and motion control solutions for your drill heads—when and where you need them.

Mitigate Downtime and Safety Issues Caused by Broken Springs or Leaky Hydraulics 

Most drilling equipment used in mining relies on a variety of coil springs, hydraulics, clamps or Belleville Washers for control force and motion. However, these components often result in higher maintenance costs, increased downtime, leaks and other costly problems. In comparison, Gas Springs apply more consistent force, experience less wear, and are a more reliable and cost effective alternative.  

KALLER Off-the-Shelf Gas Springs consist of a nitrogen gas-filled cylinder and piston. When exposed to a compressive force, the piston retracts inside of the cylinder, pressurizing the gas, which then creates an outwards force - pushing the piston against the object that’s compressing it—providing consistent, reliable, and safe force of motion. The nitrogen gas is both non-toxic and non-explosive. Other benefits of using KALLER Gas Springs in your drill heads include: 

Reduce Drill Unit Maintenance Time Up to 95%  

Unlike other springs used in mining and drilling equipment, KALLER Gas Springs require minimal to no maintenance.  Parts that makeup these springs are enclosed in a cylinder, making any necessary maintenance easy. No cleaning, oiling, or replacing every spring.  KALLER Replacement Gas Springs are proven to reduce change out maintenance up to 200%. 

Increase Spring Life Up to 200% 

Compared to gas springs, over a shorter period, traditional springs wear down and lose their ability to store energy. This wear can break the spring causing machine damage and lost production time. KALLER Gas Springs last much longer with about 2-3X the life. 




FREE Online Force & Motion Technology Training: The KALLER Academy

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Fast, Reliable Delivery Worldwide

Since 1983 we have developed and refined the gas spring technology, but we have been in the business since 1876 – for many years as a world-leader, with an export share of 95 percent. We have locations for your distribution and service needs worldwide to support your spring component needs. Find your distributor or contact us today for you mining and drilling force and motion control needs.

We are here to help you with any question.

We are here to help you with any question.