Hot stamping with Gas Springs Solution


Hot stamping (press hardening or hot press forming), is a method of stamping metals like high strength steels - and has several benefits like potentially reducing weight by using thinner sheets of metal & single parts can have different strength levels which is useful for crash absorption. The problem with hot stamping is the dirty environment, which can affect the service life of gas springs. Fortunately, KALLER has a simple and effective solution: Heavy Duty Protection (HDP) covers.


Hot Stamping high strength steels has been somewhat of a trend with benefits like potentially reducing the weight of pressed parts and is seen in OEM Automotive Standards. It has, for example, been used as a viable solution to protect battery packs in electric vehicles, or EVs. Naturally, hot stamping comes with a dirty & dusty environment- resulting in a shorter lifespan of Gas Springs from the dust.


Fortunately, KALLER has a simple solution to protecting Gas Springs from dirty environments to double their lifetime:


Heavy Duty Protection (HDP) covers

KALLER's HDP gas spring covers are simply a protective cover that fits over the gas spring. It is the first piston rod cover in the world without open breathing holes.


HDP Features and Benefits

  • Fits without modification of the gas spring. For gas springs with upper flange an adapter can easily be used
  • Fits all mounting options
  • Adds only 10 mm additional length
  • Available for gas springs with threaded piston rod & tube sizes Ø 95, Ø 120, & Ø 150 mm.


Learn more details about KALLER's Heavy Duty Protection (HDP) covers to protect & prolong you gas spring's lifetime. Feel free to Contact Us if you would like more information.



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