Controllable Gas Spring


Reduce tooling costs, increase production rates, & improve part quality with Controllable Gas Springs.

Controllable Gas Springs (KF2) are a relatively inexpensive way to increase forming control and reduce the number of dies needed to produce a part, therefore reducing the time to produce the part & saving on tooling costs.


The ability to control the gas spring force on the return stroke has many advantages; here are just a few examples:

Example #1: Dual Step Forming

Dual depth.gif

Drawing Operation

  • Combines two forming operations into one tool - which saves on tooling expenses & increases production rate
  • Increase forming control which can improve quality
  • Prevents part from turning in on itself when press ram returns
  • Function within the tool, not the press
  • Single action press instead of double action press


Example #2: Improve Part Quality


Baby Blank Holder

  • Blank holder force that is too high for a given area of the panel, will prevent the material flowing into the die correctly & leads to thinning of the panel and splitting
  • Blank holder force that is too low for a given area, will allow too much material to flow into the die, resulting in the panel wrinkling or buckling
  • The baby blank holder is controlled by a KF2 gas spring whose force can be remotely adjusted via a Control Block. The KF2 provides just the right amount of pressure pad force on the forming stroke, on bottom dead center the KF2 will lock resulting in NO force on the panel as the die opens


Why use Controllable Gas Springs (KF2)?

As shown in the two examples that use Controllable Gas Springs (KF2), you can optimize your operation by increasing production rates, reducing tooling costs, & improving part quality. You can also rely on KALLER's high-quality products that won't unexpectedly break down, minimizing the risk of production stops.

  1. Lockable piston rod
  2. True nitrogen gas spring
  3. Pneumatically operated
  4. Compact self-contained design
  5. PED approved


Want to learn more? Don't hesitate to Contact Us with any questions and check out our KF Calculator Tool to show you system performance and cooling alternatives based on size, quantity, and running conditions of Controllable Gas Springs.



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