Series CX SP

With its unique safety and reliability features, KALLER Compact Xtreme CX is a extremely compact and powerful piston rod sealed gas spring series.

Using the CX gas spring is an excellent way to achieve more cost efficient dies due to lower die height. With its extremely compact build height and cylinder diameters, the CX gas spring can reach extreme initial forces, ranging from 5,100 N to 19,200 N with stroke lengths up to 80 mm. The CX gas spring series is similar to the KALLER Power Line X series and provide extreme forces comparable to the bore sealed KALLER Super Compact CU4 series. In addition, the CX gas spring can handle higher running frequencies (SPM) compared to similar gas springs on the market, which leads to a higher production rate. Additional high force in a small area when baseplate mounted.The CU4 SP is equipped with a side port plate (SP) for applications where a sideport is needed (e.g., for use in hose systems).


CX SP Models

Initial Force (N)

Cylinder Diameter (mm)

Stroke Length (mm)

Total Length (mm)

Models Available stroke lengths
Initial force at max. pressure
Length equation Cylinder diameter
(Ø mm)
Min. charging pressure
(bar at 20°C)
Recommended max. strokes/min.
(at 20°C)
CX SP 500 10 - 80 5100 N/A 32 25 ~ 70-200
CX SP 1000 10 - 80 9800 N/A 38 25 ~ 70-200
CX SP 1900 10 - 80 19200 N/A 50 25 ~ 50-130