High-volume production with optimized gas spring application

KALLER gas springs come in many shapes and sizes and the KALLER team are always available to assist you in finding the most suitable product for Your application. In this case example, we found a use for our small gas springs that enabled high-speed production in big quantities.

Cans and lids at great production speed

The customer, a high-volume producer of metal paint cans and lids in the south of Sweden, relies heavily on utilizing the maximum performance of the springs they use.

The production rate, both part quantities and parts per minute, making cans is impressive. It’s well above automotive and white goods demands and as such it requires a different tool design and press specification approach. The cans are often used to supply paint but also other liquids for industrial usage or consumers.


Paint cans.png


In general, companies making this kind of products produce millions of parts weekly. The manufacturing process is normally highly automated and optimized to suit the very high volumes. The focus on speed and precision in the tool require a different design, press specifications and gas spring usage compared with traditional tooling. This is usually where KALLER is approached to assist, in order to find a cost-effective production. Let us help You too. 


Focused on finding solutions

For many years KALLER’s has been regarded as the “go to” gas spring supplier by customers, with very good results. With an amount of one million lids produced every week, this challenge forced the KALLER team to find a way to get the maximum service life out of the springs - while maintaining quality.


Superior gas spring service life

There are many important factors in maintaining a high operation runtime. The press tool must be extremely well guided to ensure tool movement without side deflections. This is crucial to achieve a superior gas spring service life.
By contacting Your local KALLER representative the likelihood of finding the best solution and product for your applicating increases.

Die open-text.pngDie closed-text.png


To apply the blank holder downwards force in this paint can application, 4 pcs of small R19 stroke 20mm gas springs were installed. We also installed the gas spring upside down to optimize the lubrication inside. They were preloaded with only 4 mm used stroke remaining and charged with a low gas pressure at only 45 bar. During their lifecycle, the temperature in the springs is also continuously monitored to be able to stop the press before excessive wear occurs or any other critical problem emerges.
As a result, the production value is successfully kept at around 240 000 parts per day and the tool servicing intervals is only between 700 000-1 000 0000 strokes. The gas recharge is very seldom needed in this case despite the high production rate.

With the KALLER Team recommendations of press guiding, temperature control, gas spring location, filling pressure etc. the achieved gas spring service life is above 40 million cycles before each gas spring replacement.
This means far less gas spring servicing and very high level of production reliability.

By simple design considerations, optimizing the application and gas spring usage, the service life can be extended far beyond normal expectations. This may not always be possible but can open up unknown areas in gas spring usage and tool & die optimizations.


Living up to production expectations

Together with the customer, we’ve managed to reach an impressive gas springs service life of over 40 million. Considering that the usual gas spring is designed for two million cycles, this is a big the improvement.
Go to kaller.com/en-us/contact to find Your closest KALLER representative. Together we will optimize Your next project.

About KALLER R19

Our innovative KALLER gas springs have been developed and refined over the last 40 years and are PED-approved for a minimum of 2 million strokes.
The small gas springs named R19 - as used in this case - have proved themselves since the ’80s, and this case has opened up our eyes to usage in new applications. Fact is, every mass production depending on regular coil springs could benefit from it, since our gas springs are four times as strong with instant and adjustable force. By optimizing the tool application in every case, we can help our customers reach a more sustainable and efficient production.

The KALLER R19 has, with a proper set-up, performed more than two million cycles without any servicing required.

For more information on the KALLER R19, please contact your distributor >>.



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