Multi tool for effective flanging

Effectiveness in the metal forming industry is a critical matter as it is a crucial variable in terms of costs and productivity. This, in turn, put great demands on tool design.

To gain effectiveness with tool design, we have explored how to optimize production lines by merging operations. By using our innovative product, the KALLER FlexCam, we managed to help this customer turn two operations into one.

When producing support beams, as was the purpose in this particular case, usually several tools are required. Every additional operation in the production consumes valuable time and resources. In this case, the operations required from our customer were forming, trimming, piercing and most importantly - flanging. The tool used for flanging was part of a bigger set of tools in a transfer line. Hence it was required to be very high in both reliability and functionality, with a consistent line speed of 21 strokes per minute.

These are all three very cost heavy and design intensive variables.

Balk gasfjalt.jpg

A more efficient and cost-effective way

The customer asked for a more efficient and cost-effective way to perform the flanging operation. One way to do it is by using a die with movable lower member powered by gas springs. But in this case, as shown in the picture above, it made it impossible to also perform piercing or trimming in the same die.

By applying our product; the KALLER FlexCam, we came up with a solution to implement flanging in the piercing/trimming operation. With simplified tool design, we’ve made it possible to combine functions in already existing dies.


Balk Flange Cam.jpg


This makes FlexCam the ideal tool for performing multiple operations at the same time. The system allows for a flexible distribution of forces, which is optimal when it comes to angled issues and high velocity.


Minimize the number of tools in the production line

The FlexCam is designed to minimize the number of tools in the production line and streamline the process chain. In this case, the implemented flanging solution made it possible for the customer to reduce one tool in the process. This resulted not only in a reduction of time and effort but was also a vital cost-saving measure.




The estimated cost for an added tool to operate flanging was at USD 100,000. While the total amount for installing the FlexCam summed up to about 10% of that. In the end, the customer made a cost-saving of about USD 90,000.

Benefits of using advanced, cost-effective cutting tools

KALLER Flex Cam simplifies cutting tools by increasing the number of operations in a die on a production line. The KALLER Flex Cam can perform high-precision, controlled piercing and stamping by using highly accurate guiding elements without side deflections.

Adding KALLER Flex Cam to your vehicle production line has several benefits:

  • Simplifies process engineering, die design and tool manufacturing
  • Enables positioning of KALLER Flex Cam at any angle, with 360° application area
  • Punches even upwards at negative angles
  • Adds operations and flexible solutions to new dies
  • Uses space efficiently
  • Reduces total number of dies and tools with multi-functionality and durability
  • Protects against tool damage and over-pressure with controlled force and safety features

Using KALLER Flex Cam enables vehicle manufacturers to:

  • Reduce production cost per part
  • Increase production rate and efficiency
  • Reduce tooling costs with less tool and die investments
  • Be more environmentally sustainable with less tools

About KALLER Flex Cam

The KALLER Flex Cam has become a standard component for many vehicle manufacturers, and is often included in different vehicle manufacturing tool standards globally. 

The KALLER Flex Cam system has, with a proper set-up, performed more than two million cycles without any servicing required.


For more information on the KALLER Flex Cam, please contact your distributor >>.

KALLER Flex Cam Components for this solution:

  1. Flange Cam CCF 040-049
  2. Power Unit HCP 040-060

Read more at: piercing-and-forming-units/flex-cams/

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