Speed control gas springs in press tools

By using SPC, speed-controlled gas springs, in a die the return stroke speed slows down towards the end of the piston rod travel when lifting a blank holder, halting unnecessary bounce..

Speed, safety and reliability of production equipment are often decisive factors for vehicle manufacturers. Being able to produce vehicle parts in a timely manner without compromising safety, while at the same time ensuring production equipment is not subjected to unnecessary wear and tear, becomes essential for efficiency. A production stop due to damaged manufacturing equipment can be a costly matter.

Sustainability of a pressing tool is also a significant cost factor. Frequent intervals of maintenance, spare parts and service, or replacement of an entire die adds to production costs and slows down production speed and efficiency.

Faster and safer vehicle body production

When form-pressing and cutting sheet metal with pressing tools in a die, it is particularly important to ensure that the pressing tools remain within safety norms for e.g. bounce, yet still perform a number of actions per minute to keep productivity at the desired level.
The bounce of a pressing tool commonly occurs due to increased return stroke speeds from a new generation of presses. The bounce of e.g. the blank holder due to stroke speed can cause unnecessary damage to the pressing tool and die.
This can be solved by adding or implementing speed-controlled gas springs in a die. With speed control, the return stroke speed at which the blank holder is being lifted slows down towards the end of the piston rod travel. This provides for optimal balance between speed for productivity by achieving more strokes per minute, while halting unnecessary pressing tool bounce.

Using Speed Control Gas Springs in pressing tools

KALLER SPC Speed Control Gas Springs slow down the speed at which the blank holder travels just before it reaches its start position again. This is achieved by damping the KALLER SPC’s piston rod return speed to 0.4 m/s for the last 30 mm of the piston rod travel, helping to bring the blank holder to a smooth stop.

KALLER SPC gas springs have been engineered to reduce blank holder bounce up to 90%; or eliminate it entirely by slowing the speed towards the end of the piston rod travel.

Adding KALLER SPC Gas Springs to your pressing tools in your vehicle body production line has several benefits:

  • Minimizes or eliminates blank holder bounce
  • Minimizes damage to the pressing tool and die
  • Increases productivity by increasing part transfer efficiency
  • Increases strokes per minute in most implementations
  • Can be retrofitted to existing dies
  • Is linkable by using a hose-system
  • Is available in stroke lengths 80 to 300 mm

About KALLER SPC Gas SpringsSPC 800 fril.png

The KALLER SPC Gas Springs are a productivity-enhancing and damage-reducing component for many vehicle manufacturers, and is often included in different vehicle manufacturing pressing tools.

The KALLER SPC Gas Springs have, in a customer implementation, increased productivity from about 18 strokes per minute to 27 strokes per minute while reducing bounce and damage to the pressing tool.

KALLER Components for this solution:

KALLER SPC 1500-160 Gas Springs

  1. Alternative 1 - Replace all springs with SPC

  2. Alternative 2 - Corner Concept (see movie)

Patent No. SE 517269, DE 102 96 883 and US 7,121,538

For more information on the KALLER SPC Gas Springs, please contact your distributor >>.



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