Our customers regard us as The Safer Choice

As a top-of-the-line technology developer since 1876, our innovative KALLER gas springs, PED approved for a minimum of 2 million strokes, have been developed and refined over the last 40 years. Today we remain a world leader with support and service all over the industrialized world.

The advanced FEA (Finite Element Analysis) system is used for the development and validation of our innovative KALLER gas springs.

KALLER reliability features for your safer performance

Reliability – to be able to perform and maintain processes under routine, hostile or unexpected circumstances


Our customers regard us as The Safer Choice

PED approved for a minimum of 2 million stroke

KALLER gas springs are designed, manufactured and tested to withstand a minimum of 2,000,000* full strokes according to PED 2014/68/EU at max charging pressure, max operating temperature and for all approved mounting methods.
*Estimated value for fatigue.

Customer value
High safety and reliability during the entire product life.

Repair kits and training through KALLER with partners, providing increased efficiency and reliability.

Flex GuideTM System

Our KALLER Flex Guide System absorbs lateral piston rod movement, reduces friction, and lowers the operating temperature.

Your benefits
Prolongs service life, allows more strokes per minute, and offers greater
tolerance to lateral tool movements.

Dual SealTM Link System

Our link system uses the KALLER Dual Seal solution technology – connecting gas springs using a combination of metal seal and soft seal.

Your benefits
Fewer production interruptions due to leakage caused by vibration. Simplified installation thanks to the non-rotation feature.