The Safer Choice – on our minds since 1983

Introduced in 1983, the KALLER gas spring technology quickly led to worldwide demand. The Safer Choice – Training, Safety and Reliability – has always been a KALLER top priority for providing innovative solutions for the safer working environment. We recommend looking through all available KALLER features when selecting gas springs and gas or hose linked systems.


KALLER Training Program

TRAINING. Without doubt the KALLER Training Program is the best and most creative way to fully understand and appreciate the importance of the safety and reliability features. 
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KALLER Safety App
SAFETY. Fake or KALLER original? By using KALLER Safety App via Smartphone or web, you can identify, verify and manage your specific KALLER gas springs. 

Overstroke Protection System

SAFETY. When a gas spring is overstroked, this helps reduce the risk of tool damage or injury.

Overload Protection System

SAFETY. Jammed cam or tool part being forced by gas springs? This will help reducing such risks.

Overpressure Protection System

SAFETY. Vents the spring if the internal gas pressure exceeds the maximum allowable limit to prevent accidents.

PED approved for a minimum of 2 million strokes

RELIABILITY. Our 2 million stroke PED approval ensures safer component cycle life.

Flex GuideTM System

RELIABILITY. Prolongs service life, allows more strokes per minute, and offers greater tolerance to lateral tool movements.

Dual SealTM Link Systems

RELIABILITY. Fewer production interruptions due to leakage caused by vibration. Simplified installation thanks to the non-rotation feature.