The new safety plug

TU 1500 Safety plugg


To fulfil future industry requirements and in order to provide an even safer working environment for KALLER customers, some of the product range has been upgraded with improved safety functions.
The safety plug
Some of the KALLER gas spring models are designed with a new type of safety plug which combines protection against overpressure and overstroke in one single component.

When a gas spring is overpressured or overstroked, the safety plug is triggered to discharge gas pressure.

The benefits are reduced risk of gas spring damage and an improved reliability for gas leakage in case of overpressure or overstroke.   8200-1469-02 TU 1500_stor
An external stop for the tool is recommended to prevent overstroke in the springs. The recommendation is not to use the last 5 mm or 10% of the nominal stroke length.

Note! In case of an overpressure or overstroke event, the complete gas spring has to be replaced. It is not possible to replace the plug only.