"KALLER helped
us save money
and time"


A KALLER gas spring equipped with the Overstroke Protection System introduced in 2002, suffered an overstroke in a customer’s tool.
The customer thought he had a longer stroke set, and as the press moved downwards making its stroke, the spring eventually was overstroked.
When opening the tool, the customer expected to find a totally damaged tool and worried about  the cost for complicated repairs. Instead he faced a deformed gas spring where the gas had simply leaked out in a controlled way.
CUSTOMER: “This KALLER safety feature helped us to save money and time. We just had to check the tool and then replace the gas spring with the correct stroke length.” 
“KALLER customers want to save money through correct handling of our gas springs. Learning the tricks directly from the people who handle the products daily is highly appreciated,” says Zoltan Pap, Product Manager at KALLER.