"We feel safer with KALLER gas springs"

In 2006, the guide in a gas spring equipped with the Overpressure Protection System was subjected to overpressure in a tool.
Drawing fluid had entered the gas spring, causing a dramatic increase in the gas pressure.
After a brief moment, the safety lip in the guide deformed due to abnormal pressure allowing the gas to leak out in a controlled and safe manner.
CUSTOMER: “With KALLER gas springs we feel safe. If something should go wrong, and things tend to do that sometimes, The Safer Choice technology is the way to go.” 
“KALLER has been working with safety in gas springs for many years in numerous forms, such as product safety approvals in different countries. But safety is more than approvals. It is also about training and risk awareness,”  says Sylvia Siljeholm, Quality & Environmental Manager at KALLER.