In the olden days, vital safety equipment was not an option. Today, why compromise...? Reduce risk with The Safer Choice.


Dear Customer,

Improved personal safety is of paramount importance. Over the years, this has been made possible through technical development, legal requirements and customer demands.

As the world-leading provider of gas springs, we are proud of our innovative solutions for the safer working environment. Each KALLER gas spring is designed to minimize the risk of personal injury in the event of an
accident or malfunction in the die where the gas springs are installed.

We would very much like to meet with you to talk about how you can Reduce risks with The Safer Choice.

We can help you reduce unnecessary liability by informing you about your safety obligations and what you can and should do to comply with applicable regulations and requirements.
Yours sincerely,
Johan Runesson [Konvert]

Johan Runesson
Managing Director, KALLER