Features & Benefits

KALLER Roller Cam is developed to meet the markets demand for a standard Cam unit. The Roller Cam unit is the ideal solution for a small compact and cost effective unit. The Roller Cam is available for a max. piercing force of 30 kN, stroke 50 and 80 mm and for a max. piercing force of 50 kN, stroke 50, 80 and 100 mm. All models are equipped with an oilless slide bearing and, for the return action a gas spring is emloyed, with a an initial force of 200 daN.

The contact force between the driver and the cam unit, is taken care of by a heavy duty roller bearing. The driver itself is to be manufactured by the user to give the required movement scheme. In order to maximize the lifetime of the Roller Cam, the contact surface on the driver should be hardened. The angle between the driver direction of motion for the Roller Cam is to be 50°.
The Roller Cam can be fixed to the tool with a key and/or two cylindrical pins. When in the right position, the Roller Cam must be bolted to the tool with 4 M8 cap screws. The screws can be accessed from the side and from the top.