Features & Benefits

KALLER Flex Cam system can be used for piercing, cutting, forming and flanging operations. The system allows for a flexible distribution of forces, with optimal direction and velocity during the operation. Cam units, or force cylinders, can be coupled together to allow for multiple operations within the same tool to be performed simultaneously.

Often by using a Flex Cam, fewer tools are required in production, which is valuable from an economic point of view. The system comprises of a hydraulic power unit, cam unit/force cylinder and interconnecting hoses. The cam units are to be used mainly for piercing operations.

The force cylinders are used to drive tooling components such as flanging steels or forming punches. The Flex Cam is available with following forces: 15 kN, 40 kN,
60 kN, 90 kN and 150 kN, and with the following stroke lengths (S): 25, 50,
and 100 mm.

As you can see below, the system consists of a power unit and a cam unit. On the front face of the cam unit is a punch plate, on which different punches can be mounted. The punch plate is made of unhardened steel to make drilling and tapping easy.