Features & Benefits

KALLER Flange stripper unit (or lifter) is to be used in flanging dies for lifting up the part after flanging operations. Today almost every tool maker designs and makes his own stripper units which is fairly costly.
Therfore a standard unit is diserable. The KALLER stripper unit is available for top mount and wall/bottom mount and with a stroke length of 50 and 80 mm.
The lifting force in the flange stripper is delivered by a gas spring with an initial force of 200 daN. The gas spring is inverted and fitted into the flange stripper unit.

During try-out and maintenance the slide and/or the gas spring can easily be removed by unscrewing the guide bolt. Once the guide bolt is unscrewed the slide can be lifted up and the gas spring can be remowed. It is now possible to put the slide back and the slide can be moved up and down by hand for try-out.