KALLER Tool & Die

Gas Springs 
KALLER developed the first nitrogen gas spring for press tools. Today we offer a comprehensive selection
of high quality gas springs for use in different
tool & die applications.

Controllable Gas Spring - KF2
KALLER Controllable Gas Spring - KF2 (patented product) are a family of gas springs, for use in press tools, that can be locked in their bottom position and where the return stroke of the spring can be controlled.

Flange Stripper Unit
KALLER Flange Stripper Unit (or lifter) is to be used in flanging dies, for lifting up the part after flanging operations.

Flex Cam™
KALLER Flex Cam can be used for piercing, cutting, forming and flanging operations.
The system allows for a flexible distribution of forces, with optimal direction and velocity during the operation.

Roller Cam
KALLER Roller Cam is used for piercing, trimming, flanging and restriking. The Roller Cam can be mounted in both vertical and horizontal angles.


In the Download section you will find the KALLER product catalog as well as brochures, service and maintenance instructions and user manuals in PDF format and also service videos in Quicktime format (MOV).