From idea to product

When working with KALLER Machine & Vehicle, you will notice that we are not only a supplier of quality products. Rather, we act as a partner and develop tailor-made solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations. In our development process, we always work in close cooperation with our customers.

Business preparation
After the first meeting with our customer, we assemble a project group and begin discussing possible solutions to the
customer’s request. After this, we present our first proposal to the customer.

Decision point
Our customer reviews the solution(s) we present, then decide if we should develop our concepts further. If so, we need a technical description of the customer’s product to adapt our concepts to.

Technical description
We incorporate our solution into the technical description and present it to the customer.

Decision point – Technical description
We discuss the solution and the technical details with the customer to see if we need more information, make changes, or if we can start the preparation work.

Preparation work
We assemble a preparation team, who does all the research and engineering needed to present a quotation to the customer. Here, we always make sure that our solution is both as practical and economical as possible.

Decision point – Purchase Order
Our customer considers the quotation presented by us. When we receive a purchase order, we immediately move to the next phase of the project.

Development Project
In the final development, our extensive in-house expertise and experience ensure our customer the best possible result. Thanks to our short decision chains and flexibility, we combine speed with quality. Something that really shows in our short delivery times!