KALLER Success stories


To develop a suspension system for a highly effective mine protected vehicle, combining high performance with maximum personnel safety, even in the most dangerous environments.

Solution: KALLER Machine & Vehicle developed a suspension system that increases the safety of the personnel aboard the RG35. In case of a mine explosion, the V-shaped chassis diverts the blast energy, and the KALLER suspension absorbs the recoil forces. The suspension system is designed to function even if heavy damage is sustained. This guarantees the possibility to withdraw from hostile areas.



Atlas Copco drill rigs are used in everything from taking ground samples to advanced mining and mine prospecting. They are available both as separate units and as mobile units, mounted on trucks. Our challenge was to provide a secure and durable clamping force in this drilling application.

Solution: KALLER gashydraulic spring system uses gas pressure to provide the large clamping force required to hold the drilling rods in place when adding new rods for deeper drilling. When new rods are added, the hydraulic pressure is released. Instead, the gas spring locks the rod. During drilling, the gas spring system is “unlocked”. The gas spring system adds safety since it is always active even if the hydraulic pressure is lost, thus preventing that drill rods and expensive drill heads are dropped.



Challenge: Tool-clamping solutions for machine spindles have traditionally derived their clamping force from a combination of disc and helical springs. These solutions have taken up considerable space, been difficult to balance and lost clamping force at a comparatively high rate. Our challenge was to develop a system for a multi-function CNC machine, that allows quick change of tooling adaptors that at the same time withstand high rotation speeds and allows circulation of cooling fluids in the machine.

Solution: KALLER developed a solution that is better balanced and capable of running at higher speeds. The pulling force of a KALLER special cylinder allows changing of tooling adaptors within 1 second, and its perfectly balanced cylindrical design allows rotational speeds of up to 60,000 rpm. It also retains its clamping force much better than traditional solutions.