KALLER Counter balance

Besides Gas hydraulic suspension systems and Special cylinders, KALLER Machine & Vehicle is involved in many projects regarding counter balancing. KALLER has developed a special series of counter balancing springs with extremely long service lifetime. They can be used in many different applications, and we can always customize our solutions to fit our customer’s requests perfectly.
When choosing to work with gas springs for counter balancing purposes, it is possible to reduce the size and weight of the application. This can be done thanks to the fact that a gas spring can counter balance a very large force in relation to its size. For example, a KALLER gas spring can counter balance up to several hundred times its own weight, and utilizes stroke lengths of up to 50% of the spring’s total length. The counter balancing force of the gas spring can at any time be adjusted by easily altering the gas charge pressure.

The reduction of size in applications is an advantage that allows added efficiency and flexibility. For example, smaller counter balancing solutions in industrial robots make the robot smaller – and the production line more efficient.