Frequently Asked Questions

General about KALLER Gas Springs

 What are Safety Features?

What are Reliability Features?

What is KALLER Solutions Center?

What is PED?

What is the difference between self-contained gas springs and a hosed system?

How do gas springs work?

I have never used nitrogen gas springs before. Do I have to purchase additional components in order to install and run nitrogen gas springs?

Should I use self-contained gas springs or a hosed system for my application?

I am currently using another brand of gas springs; can you retrofit to their existing dimensions?

Why are gas springs preferred over mechanical coil springs?

 What is the maximum working stroke of the gas springs?


KALLER Flex Cam 

Why does not Cam Unit/Force Cylinder perform a full stroke?

Why does not Cam Unit/ Force Cylinder retract?



KALLER Controllable Gas Springs


What air pressure is required to operate the cartridge valves?

What is the maximum air pressure allowed to operate the cartridge valves?

What service life can I expect from a KF2 Controllable Gas Spring?

Can I use other Hose-Systems?

Can I mix different KF2 size springs in the same system?

Relating to Standard Lock, KF2

Is it possible to adjust the stroke length of the KF2 spring, or must I always use 100% of the nominal stroke ±0.5 mm?

How fast can the KF2 spring be stroked?

What can I do to eliminate KF2 springback?

Can I lock a KF2 Controllable Gas Spring at any position?

Troubleshooting Standard Lock System, KF2

Relating to Positive Lock System, KF2+KP

How many KF2 Controllable Gas Springs can be connected to a single
KP - Passive Gas Spring?

How many Valve Blocks do I need in the system?

Can I use the KP spring in the tool for forming?

Can I use just the EZ-Hose System to connect up my Positive Lock System?

Can I use just the EO24-Hose System to connect up my Positive Lock System?

Troubleshooting Positive Lock System, KF2 + KP

Relating to Liquid Cooling

Is Cooling always required?

How many KF2 controllable springs can be connected to a single Cooler Unit?

Can I use my own cooling system?

What different cooling fluids can we use?

Relating to Nitro CoolerTM

How many KF2 connected to one Nitro CoolerTM?

Can we elminate the decrease in return speed caused by the Nitro CoolerTM?

How many Nitro CoolerTM can we use in one die?