Career at KALLER

Do you want to be a member of our team?

KALLER is a global company in an exciting, high technology line of business. We might have a position for you: CNC machine operator, welding operator, assembling operator, engineer, logistics, production planner and many more important occupations.

The Strömsholmen spirit - respect and a positive attitude
We are working in an international environment as part of a global group of companies. At Strömsholmen, everyone has equal value regardless of their role, education and origin. We show respect for each other and our customers. Together, we create a company culture that we can enjoy by being honest, correct in our attitude, positive and aware of responsibilities. 

Focus on results
We strive to reach the profit objectives by encouraging teamwork, creativity and the ability to take initiatives. Good supplier contacts, customer availability, delivering the right product at the right time, at the right price and to the right place are essential.

Open communication
We strive to have open communication, where honesty and clarity are keywords and where all co-workers are involved.

Safety and quality
At Strömsholmen, we continually work to improve our working environment for increased safety and security. Reliability and safety are in the collective consciousness, while personnel and products are the focus.

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